The SIPX service allows all digital course materials to be gathered in one place,
with all the required copyright permissions, at the lowest cost to students,
and in the shortest amount of time for instructors and staff. SIPX is easy to use for traditional and online courses as well.

The SIPX Service Has Been Enhanced!

We recently updated our service, making searching for items and adding them to reading lists much faster and easier than before. We’ve also started rolling out content from our publisher partners, which will allow you to access their PDFs directly from within SIPX.

Teach Your Colleagues About SIPX

We know there are many places and ways you might want to share the benefits of the SIPX service with your colleagues and students. So we've provided some text and images that you can use in emails or on web pages. If you need additional material, just let us know.

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These documents, video and FAQ will you help you understand more about using the SIPX service.

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