Xerox has partnered with ProQuest SIPX to introduce a new technology that allows us to provide you with your course readings quickly and compliantly, with huge savings created for your students, and in a digital format you can easily share through emails, Blackboard, or the most convenient method you choose.

Watch our video to learn how the service works:

This innovative technology automatically recognizes library-subscribed and open content and eliminates redundant payments on copyright royalties and unnecessary cost in manually tracking down permissions. You can now share course readings simply by sharing or pasting URL links in whatever way you choose to communicate with your students.

You’ll also be able to see aggregated data on student engagement and student ratings, to give you insight into whether your assigned readings are helpful to your students – and our library will get better awareness into what subscriptions they could buy to help further reduce your students’ costs.

To use ProQuest SIPX, just drop off your syllabus at Xerox BoilerCopyMaker located in the Purdue Memorial Union, Room 186, or send it via email to We can be reached at (765) 496-3888 to answer any questions you may have.

FAQ available at Xerox Print Services