Need help with SIPX? We’ve answered the most common questions below. Click on the section title to see the individual questions and answers related to that area of our service.

  • I created an account, but the confirming email with my initial password never arrived.
    There are two common causes for this:
    i) The confirming mail containing your initial password was wrongly identified as spam or junk mail. Please look in your spam or junk folder or email trash to see if the confirming mail is there.
    ii) Your email address was mis-typed. You can simply set up a new account with the correct email address.
  • I tried to confirm my account but the link doesn’t work.
    This is often caused by the link in your email getting cut in two as it wraps inside the message. Try cutting and pasting the whole link into your URL bar. If it has been more than 24 hours since you tried to register the link will have expired. Please register again.
  • My password isn’t working. What should I do?
    Passwords are case sensitive. Please try again, making sure that the password you enter has the correct upper/lower case characters. You may reset your password by clicking Forgot Password and entering the email address you used when registering for SIPX.
  • How do I change my password?
    In the upper right of the top menu, click on the “person” icon and select “Profile” from the dropdown menu. This will take you to a page showing you your account details. Click on the “Change Password” tab. Now, confirm your current password then enter your new password (twice), and click on “Reset Password.”
  • How do I change my email address?
    In the upper right of the top menu, click on the “person” icon and select “Profile” from the dropdown menu. This will take you to a page showing you your account details. Click on Add Another Email, enter your new email address, and click on “Update Profile”. You can then click on the ‘x’ next to the old email to delete it. Be sure you’ve received an email from SIPX and successfully confirmed the new address before deleting any old email addresses.
  • I’m having trouble with my PayPal or Amazon Payments account/transaction. What should I do?
    Please contact PayPal or directly, as appropriate, if you are having trouble with your account. SIPX does not record any of your financial data or see any of your interactions with PayPal/ beyond the confirmation of payment.
  • How do I open a PDF file?
    Most documents provided by the SIPX service come in a format called “PDF” (Portable Document Format). SIPX cannot guarantee that the platform you are using can read this file format, but most machines and devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and phone) have some form of PDF reading capability. PDF readers for most platforms can be obtained from Adobe.
  • How do I load a document onto my e-reader?
    Please contact the device manufacturer or vendor directly if you need support with your e-reader.
  • Where do I find the readings I purchased?
    You can access your readings on the My Readings page. Click on the “person” icon in the upper right of your screen. Choose “My Readings”, the second menu option.

    On the My Readings page, you can choose to view or download your readings. If you think you’ll want access to the materials after the course has ended, be sure to download them and store them in a safe place, as links are deactivated at the end of each term.

  • Can I download readings from old courses?
    Once a course has ended, you can no longer download readings. Our contracts with the rights holders state that we will not provide access to readings after the course ends. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please be sure to download readings before the course ends if you wish to keep a copy.
  • The reading link says Not Available for Purchase. How can I access the reading?
    Please make sure that you have signed up for SIPX using your official school email address or entered SIPX via link in your school’s course site. If you have signed up using an alternate address or if you do not have an official school email address, please fill in our support request form.
  • Can I return a reading and get a refund or credit?
    At this time, we do not offer refunds for digital purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • How do I set up my course and begin adding readings?
    From inside your LMS, click on “Add SIPX Readings”. Please note that the menu item may have been renamed by your Institution’s system administrator. If you have trouble finding this link, please contact your LMS administrator or You will be asked to confirm a few details about the course, including run dates and estimated enrollment.

    If you are creating a course outside of an LMS, log directly into your SIPX account and click on the “+ New Course” button, then fill in your course information.

    Please note that in cases where a digital copy of the reading is not readily available within the SIPX system, you will be required to scan/upload your own copy for students to download and use once they have completed the licensing transaction.

  • How do I send readings to my institution’s Learning Management System (LMS)?
    With many LMS integrations to SIPX the link will be automatically sent back to your course site. A green confirmation bar will appear at the top of the course when this process is happening. If your system is not configured for this auto-inject please follow the directions below.

    When using SIPX in conjunction with your institution’s LMS, you can share your course readings by clicking on the “Inject into LMS” (or similar) button on the SIPX course page. This action will automatically place the reading links into the appropriate location within your LMS course page that students can then access. Please note that in order to send the links to the correct location, you MUST enter through the course page inside your LMS.

  • How do I post readings outside of my institution’s LMS?
    If you use the SIPX system as a standalone service, you can share your course readings in one of two ways. The first way is to provide students with a link to the overall course page, which lists the course readings. From there, students can purchase individual readings or the entire reading list.

    Alternatively, you can copy and paste individual reading links and communicate these to students in whatever way you choose. When students click each link, they will be taken to a specific reading, where they will have the ability to purchase and/or download the work.

    Those students who have not used SIPX before will be asked to set up a SIPX account, which is a simple and quick process. They must use an active email address that is affiliated with your institution in order to receive applicable pricing benefits associated with that affiliation. If they do not have an email address affiliated with your institution, please contact to make other arrangements.

  • What if I have a course that recurs regularly; can I reuse the reading list?
    Yes. You will need to create a new course, either in through your LMS or within SIPX, however you can then take advantage of SIPX’s easy course duplication feature to automatically re-license the materials from your previous term for a new term.
  • Does SIPX archive past courses?
    Yes. While past courses will not show up in the student view, as an instructor or administrator you are able to search and view past courses.
  • How do I add a reading?
    To add readings, go to your course, either through your LMS or directly through SIPX.
    Click on the “Add Reading” button on the right side of the screen, and fill in the form to begin your search.
  • When searching for reading sources, what are the most important search criteria to include?
    Since we collect data from a number of sources that each have varying search parameters, we advise you to provide the following key pieces of information: the ISBN, ISSN, or DOI number, and/or the journal or book title. Additionally, as publishers and rightsholders require exact page ranges (and in some cases, chapter ranges) to determine pricing, you will be asked to include accurate ranges after you’ve selected your reading.
  • Can I add a reading with non-contiguous page ranges?
    Absolutely. In cases where you would like to add a reading entry with multiple page ranges, put the ranges in the page range field separated by commas. For example, you can specify the following set of pages: “1, 3-15, 56, 67-70, 121-140”. Additionally, you can specify front-matter pages using Roman numerals: for example, “II-IV, VI-VIII”. If using both roman numerals and numeric page ranges within one reading, please be sure to group roman numeral ranges separately from the numeric ranges, such as: “II-IV, 1-30” (as opposed to: “II-30”).

    If you would like to add multiple page ranges from the same journal or book that will be assigned at different times during your course, you should create separate readings for each one.

  • I see that there are two different prices listed — “total list price” and “total price to you” — what is the difference?
    A list price refers to the standard price listed by the publisher. Because we take into account your library subscriptions, have direct deals with publishers, and work to gain licenses at the academic rate, your price is often different from the list price. It’s one more way SIPX saves money for both schools and students.
  • What is the fair use policy? How does the system handle items that fall under fair use?
    Fair use policies are set by each institution, not SIPX. Please check with your institution to determine the terms of your fair use policy and how to distribute readings you wish to use under fair use.
  • What should I do if I can’t find the reading I’m looking for?
    If you can’t find the reading you want, you can always send the request directly to our copyright clearance department. Click on the “Get Permissions Help” button on the lower right side of the page, and fill in the reading details there. Our permissions department will contact you with further information about your reading.

    Please be advised that the permissions help process can take up to eight (8) weeks to complete, as approval is dependent upon rightsholder response. As such, you may wish to review alternative source options before opting for permissions assistance.

  • What if my reading I want requires special permission from the publisher or rightsholder?
    If a reading isn’t immediately available through our system, a member of the SIPX customer service team will take over the search for copyright permission. If necessary, that person will contact you directly for additional information.

    Please be advised that the permissions help process can take up to eight (8) weeks to complete, as approval is dependent upon rightsholder response. As such, you may wish to review alternative source options before opting for permissions assistance.

  • The system indicated that it would take up to eight (8) weeks to hear back from publisher on permissions help items. Is there a way to expedite this?
    No. Unfortunately, there is no way for SIPX to expedite this process since approval is dependent upon rightsholder response. Our dedicated customer service team does everything in its power to resolve copyright permissions swiftly and effectively.
  • If we don’t hear back from the publisher or rightsholder in a timely fashion, can SIPX go ahead and release the material anyway?
    No. SIPX is not authorized to allow the use of licensed materials without permission from the affiliated publisher or rightsholder.
  • How does SIPX ensure that my students receive the best prices?
    SIPX gathers information from a number of different resources, including your institution’s library subscriptions, direct publisher relationships, and copyright agents. By leveraging the user’s student status and university affiliation, students will benefit from significantly lower course material costs. (Note, the user must use an active institution-affiliated email address when creating his/her SIPX account in order to gain access to that institution’s subscriptions; this is handled automatically for students entering through the institution’s LMS system.)

    In addition, the SIPX service brings together a range of document information, including direct data from publishers, open sources and copyright agencies, so you have a wide range of materials to choose from that meet your budget.

  • Does the SIPX system take into account university holdings and subscriptions?
    Yes. As part of our initial set-up process at your school, we integrated information about your library’s subscription licenses into the system. This generally translates into significant cost savings for your students. Items that fall under your institution’s subscriptions licenses will automatically show up within your reading search results.
  • What if I have online, film or TV sources?
    Currently SIPX supports text-based content only.
How do I contact you if my question is not covered by any of these FAQs?
Please check all of the questions above carefully. If the answer you need isn’t found, please fill in our support request form. We will respond as soon as possible.