How SIPX Links work with our course site

Using SIPX it’s simple to re-use course materials term over term or to copy them between sections of the same course without having to rebuild your reading list. Links you bring into your Learning Management System (LMS) course site are permanent and don’t need to be updated. A course you’ve already created can be re-licensed in minutes saving you significant time at the busy start of term.

Introduction to SIPX permanent links

With SIPX “permalinks”, you no longer need to replace the SIPX links in your course materials each term because that exact same link now works in future runs of your same course. All you need to do is “duplicate” the course in SIPX, which refreshes the copyright permission connected to those same links.

What do I need to do?

Nothing if SIPX is integrated with your LMS. SIPX links will automatically resolve into permalinks in SIPX. We just want you to be aware these enhancements are in place.

If you use SIPX as a standalone system (and distribute reading links to students through library course reserves, emails, website, etc.), you will already have permalinks for any courses created after August 2015. Courses created before that date will need to be duplicated and then the new course will have SIPX permalinks available for use.

Getting the permalinks is the same as before – just click the ‘Get SIPX Links’ button. See the Permalinking FAQ below for more details.

For SIPX Integrated LMS courses: Auto-Inject

LMS integration customers no longer need to click to “inject” readings back into the LMS. See the Auto-Inject FAQ below for more details.

Permalinking FAQ

How can we differentiate between old links and permalinks?
SIPX permalinks will contain the word “perma” in front of either the reading or course ID number. Note that only permalinks can be used term over term with the duplication of your course.

Can we edit the links we have in place?
We don’t advise it. There’s more technology magic that happens in the transition to new SIPX permalink than just the spelling of the URL. So please do get the new permalinks using the methods outlined in this site and copy/paste them in, rather than trying to type-edit over existing links.

How do we duplicate courses?
Courses set up in SIPX standalone, can be duplicated using the ‘Duplicate Course button’ on the original course page within SIPX. The ‘Get SIPX Links’ function will generate a list of new permalinks, which can be distributed to students. The next time the course is duplicated for reuse, the reading links will remain the same.

Courses set up using an integration with your LMS course site use our Jump Start feature.

What happens if I want to use these readings in a future term?
Once you have SIPX permalinks in place, you’ll only need to duplicate the SIPX course with which they’re associated.

Can I re-use permalinks in different courses than the one I used it in before?
No, the reading links are still tied to their specific course. When the course is duplicated, reading licenses are refreshed for that particular course. If you want to use the same reading in a new course, you’ll need to search and add the reading to the appropriate course.

Auto-Injection FAQ

What does it mean for links to be “injected”?
For schools with SIPX integrated with their LMS, rather than cutting and pasting, SIPX reading links are sent to the LMS through a function SIPX calls “injection”. Currently, these links are sent to the LMS when a button is clicked within the course page after all the readings are selected, or as new readings are added. With auto-injection the SIPX system performs this last step automatically!

You can always see if a link has been injected into your LMS via the Status as shown here:
injection notification status message placement

You’ll see when the inject has been completed:
injected reading link status completed

At what point in the process are the links automatically injected?
Links are injected whenever details of a reading are updated, such as uploading a PDF or reviewing a publisher-provided PDF; editing the reading record and clicking Save; or, moving a reading within modules. Status messages will display at the top of the page as updates are sent to your LMS.

Please note that auto-injection only works when the course instructor enters SIPX through the LMS on-ramp; it is not triggered when an instructor follows a SIPX link into SIPX.

Can I change the link placement or display within the LMS?
Yes, you can move links within your LMS course page as you do now.

What if I don’t want SIPX links to be automatically injected?
By default the auto-injection feature is activated. Please contact us if you have concerns as the feature can be disabled.

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