“We’ve been using the SIPX service since inception, and this system solves problems that no other technology has been able to fix. From day one we have experienced benefits such as a streamlined process for managing digital reading lists, more efficient copyright licensing, and enhanced impact from better subscription budget management.”

Michael A. Keller University Librarian and Director of Academic Information Resources, Stanford University

“Occidental College is committed to supporting 21st century approaches to learning, creating, and sharing knowledge. To that end, we must be willing to experiment with new platforms and solutions. Working with SIPX is an opportunity to improve and help shape how our faculty and students might access digital content for their courses, as well as better understand these engagements. We look forward to exploring the SIPX service with its unique approach to managing copyright compliance and resources more efficiently, and with greater flexibility, especially within the context of Moodle.Oxy and course reserves. We are particularly excited to pilot access to library-licensed, public domain, open, royalty-free and pay-per-use content all in one place.”

Marsha Schnirring, MLIS Associate Vice-President for Scholarship Technology, Occidental College

“We’ve seen strong interest from large and small SCELC schools in deploying the SIPX service. SIPX drew a lot of attention at our recent SCELC Vendor Day, not only for its copyright management technologies, but also for its potential to put the library’s resources front and center for the user. We look forward to continuing our partnership with SIPX to bring this innovative approach to more libraries.”

Rick Burke Executive Director, SCELC

“The transparency and immediacy of information provided by SIPX will help instructors and students to select and consume our content in the way that best meets their educational needs, whether on campus or in MOOCs. ACM supports this exploration of new educational models.”

Scott Delman Director of Publishing, Association for Computing Machinery

“We are excited to partner with SIPX. In the rapidly evolving education world—online learning, blended learning, flipped classrooms, and MOOCs – the detailed analytics and pricing models SIPX offers will help us make more informed business decisions.”

David Parker President, Business Expert Press

“I am very impressed not only by SIPX’s up-to-date and elegant solutions for clearing content for traditional coursepacks, but also the potential for sustainable engagement with broader courses such as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Their networks and processing capabilities will enable easy geographical and cost experimentation with MOOCs, helping retain value for our content. Additionally, the available reporting should help develop more evidence-based strategies in this emerging, and relatively under-studied, educational space.”

Dan Morgan Senior Manager North America for Universal Access, Elsevier

“As a publisher of scholarly book and journal content, IGI Global is very excited to collaborate with SIPX. We are always striving to better cater to the academic community and look forward to assisting SIPX in their mission of providing quality digital content in user-friendly formats to students and educators. Progressing classroom innovation and course design is something that we are very enthusiastic about.”

Lindsay Johnston Managing Director, IGI Global

“The ecosystem supporting online academic content can be complex, but working with SIPX has made it easier for Metapress to support the use of our publishers’ content in MOOCs. MOOCs are a growing part of the higher education environment and our publishers want to be on the leading edge. We are excited to support our publishers as they provide content to this expanding educational delivery system.”

Jeff Deneen, Ph.D. Director of Sales and Marketing, Metapress

“As a trade publisher, the Perseus Books Group is always looking to reach the academic market through innovative, digital services, and SIPX certainly fits the bill. We’re thrilled to be partnering with SIPX and connecting with a broader audience.”

Bill Smith, Ph.D. Director of Domestic Rights and Digital Partner Development, Perseus Books Group

“UC Press is actively experimenting with new models of scholarly communication that improve the accessibility of knowledge and facilitate superior teaching and learning. We see enormous value in how the SIPX service uses technology to bring a unified approach to what’s been a fragmented ecosystem. We expect this end-to-end solution will help us immediately provide even better targeted digital content to schools, students, and MOOCs.”

Clare Wellnitz Director of Intellectual Property and Subsidiary Rights, University of California Press

“We are happy to support SIPX as the company brings a broad, integrated, networked solution for copyright management to the world of post-secondary education.”

Tracey Armstrong President and Chief Executive Officer, Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)

“By using the SIPX service, I was able to offer reading materials from about 20 different publishers to students in over 140 countries, legally, with pricing tailored to support maximum participation.”

Dan McFarland Professor at Stanford University (Stanford Online Coursera MOOC Instructor)